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As characteristic dimensions of micro-devices have been becoming ever smaller, effort has been directed toward developing improved techniques for producing various surface modification effects to shallower depths without altering subsurface bulk properties of the target materials. The gas cluster ion beam (GCIB) technique which originated over 20 years ago is a versatile method for producing a wide range of very shallow surface modification actions by use of van der Waals bonded gas cluster ions which are accelerated to have high total energies but with only relatively low energies of constituent atoms within the clusters. Exogenesis has developed a new technique for achieving shallower, more uniform and less damaging processing of surfaces by altering the normal GCIB technique so as to create beams of coincident but unbonded energetic neutral gas atoms having average energies which can be controlled over a range from less than 10 eV per atom to beyond 100 eV per atom. This new technique, which is referred to as accelerated neutral atom beam (ANAB), is being employed for processing of numerous materials, including biomaterials, optics, semiconductors and analytical instrumentation. Together GCIB and ANAB are referred to as NanoAccel™ surface modification technology.

Exogenesis is offering NanoAccel research tools and services
to academic institutions.

 Exogenesis’ nAccel 100 process tool was designed and developed to process both biotechnology and industrial based products utilizing the NanoAccel platform technology. The nAccel 100 is capable of fully automated processing via customer defined recipes and was designed with repeatability, up-time and cost of ownership in mind. The nAccel 100 was designed to SEMI S2 safety standards and is capable of being CE marked for use in the European Union.

The nAccel 100  is offered in a full production version or in a material research version designated as the nAccelLT 100LT. Both tools are capable of delivering Exogenesis’ NanoAccel platform technology with accurate and consistent modification of material surfaces.

Exogenesis’ nAccel 100 offers biotechnology, industrial and research professionals a precise, safe and cost effective tool to utilize the NanoAccel platform technology.

Consulting and Service

Exogenesis provides processing services using GCIB and ANAB technologies at our Billerica, Massachusetts facility. Exogenesis employees have vast expertise working with GCIB and the design and development of vacuum based capital equipment. The ANAB technology was developed exclusively using in-house expertise. Academic research or research organizations working in the areas of biomaterials, optics, semiconductors or analytical instrumentation can contract with Exogenesis to consult and/or perform nanosurface manipulation studies.

 Contact Exogenesis for further details on the nAccel 100 tools or services to support surface modification research.


nAccel 100 Full Production Model

nAccel 100 Full Production Model


nAccel 100LT_Photo

nAccel 100LT Material Research Model