nAccel 100 Specifications

nAccel Full Production Model

nAccel Full Production Model

The nAccel 100 is a fully automated high volume manufacturing tool. The control software is designed with a touch screen Human Machine Interface (HMI). The use of the tool is recipe driven for operator convenience, and has full process control monitoring. The optional data server can be networked for easy access to historical data. Rockwell Automation control software was chosen for its field proven and industry accepted reliability. The core of the nAccel 100 technology is a vacuum based particle accelerator. The entire multi-stage vacuum system utilizes industry recognized vacuum pumps, valves and gauges. An exceptionally robust high voltage power supply package provides the beam generation assemblies with their required power; while the highly controlled gas delivery system incorporates high purity stainless steel componentry.

The nAccel 100 utilizes a horizontally oriented scanning system for material handling able to accommodate a wide range of process materials. The X-Y mechanical scanning stage has an effective scanning area of 310mm x 310mm. This large area scanner can accommodate payloads of many hundreds of smaller, simpler products up to larger products with complex geometries.

Beam Types: Energetic argon Gas Cluster Ion Beam (GCIB) and Accelerated Neutral argon gas Atom Beam (ANAB)

Beam Line Base Pressure: <1E-6 Torr

Handler Vacuum Base Pressure: <1E-6 Torr

Gas delivery system: 50 – 500 sccm Ar

Beam Line vacuum pressure during beam operation: <9E-5 Torr at gas flows to 250 sccm

Handler vacuum press. during beam operation: <9E-5 Torr

GCIB/ANAB Beam Acceleration Potential: 10 – 50 kV

GCIB/ANAB Beam Fluxes: 5E14 – 1E16 atoms/second

Effective Scanning Area: 310mm x 310mm