Nano-Scale Texturing

Prepares and activates surfaces for improved adhesion and performance of coatings

NanoAccel provides a uniform surface finish that enhances surface area while removing surface defects. The result leads to randomized surfaces that reduce optical scattering and significantly improves quality control testing yield using an interferometer.


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Randomized surfaces significantly increase surface areas and surface energy resulting in an increase in hydrophilicity (see slide below). The result of this surface treatment leads to improved adherence of surface coatings. Exogenesis has demonstrated this through adhesion studies using poly-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK), a polymer known for its poor adhesion characteristics. The mechanical study of static tension and torsion used green epoxy as an interface between control and treated PEEK and stainless steel. On the untreated PEEK sample, epoxy failure was at the PEEK interface while the treated PEEK sample demonstrated failure at the stainless steel interface (see slide). Additionally, a drug coating was placed on treated and untreated surfaces. A simple study demonstrated better adhesion of the drug to the treated sample as compared to the untreated sample.
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