Exogenesis Corporation provides proprietary nano-scale surface modification and surface control technologies which have application in improving the performance of optics, glass and a variety of substrates used in the laser, memory and semiconductor industries (See Platform Technology).

Exogenesis’ NanoAccelTM platform technology is an advanced particle accelerator that employs two distinct particle beams; Gas Cluster Ion Beam (GCIB), and  Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam. (ANAB) The combination of these two beams represents a new state of the art in surface finish and atomic level smoothing.

NanoAccel’s unique non-contact beam technology promotes significant advances that provides or creates:

  • Angstrom level smoothing:
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    • Removes nano-scale defects (organics, asperities, pits, and scratches) and
    • Removes subsurface damage.
  • Nano-scale texturing:
    • Produces “randomized” surfaces to promote interferometer QC inspection yield and
    • Prepares and activates surface for improved performance of thin film coatings.
  • Nano-scale amorphization:
    • Increases hydrophilicity and surface energy leading to improved adhesion and
    • Passivates substrate surface.
  • Nano-scale molecular composition change:
    • Capable of ultra-shallow surface doping and
    • Capable of infusing thin films into substrate.
  • Ultra-thin films:
    • Creation of free standing thin films and
    • Capable of infusing thin films into substrate.

The NanoAccel process leads to increased production yield and improved performance and longevity in high energy application optics. NanoAccel has the capability to produce superior EUV mask blanks, non-linear crystals, TEM grids, pellicles, and biosensors.