Bone and Soft Tissue Integration

NanoAccel enables enhanced integration, healing and performance of orthopedic and dental implants.

Reduction in Bone Implant Loosening

NanoAccel reduces wear and implant loosening by reducing biological reaction to wear debris, improving bonding of bone to implant surface and reducing bone loss as a result of stress shielding.

Infection Control

NanoAccel promotes surface resistance to bacteria colony formation leading to an anti-biofilm forming property on a variety of materials used in spine, joint, sports medicine, trauma, dental, cardiac, and vascular implants.

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Tissue Engineering

NanoAccel promotes accelerated tissue regeneration of collagen for wound care, cartilage repair and sports medicine applications.

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  • Cell and protein adhesion to surfaces to include sutures for soft tissue repair in sports, dental, cardiac, and vascular procedures – Contact Exogenesis for latest information

Selectively Promote Anti-adhesive Property of Specific Cells

The combination of NanoAccel’ s nano-scale surface texturing and surface chemistry results in adhesive versus anti-adhesive properties of selective cells of potential value for use with cardiac, vascular, and neurovascular devices.

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Drug or Protein Eluting Devices Without the Use of Polymers

NanoAccel’s impact of the organic coating converts <3 nanometers of the material by removing all other elements except carbon. The carbon barrier forms without affecting the underlying organic material and allows for a controlled rate of elution in orthopedic, cardiac, vascular, and neurovascular devices.



We currently have collaborations in progress with numerous academic centers including: Stanford University, Clemson University, Kansas University, Case Western Reserve, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

If you are interested in a collaborative project, please contact Joe Khoury, Director Cell and Molecular Biology [email protected]

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